Christus Victor is holding a 4-day Windows 10 Beginner/Refresher Course.

Location: Christus Victor Lutheren Church 15600 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL

The purpose is to familiarize those experienced with Windows but new to Windows 10 to easily make the transition and learn what Windows 10 offers. We will attempt to make those concerned with Windows 10 feel comfortable, making it work for them their way, realizing it really can work just like all previous versions only in many ways better. It just has a scary new look.

The 4 course days are January 28 & 30, 2020, and February 4 & 6, 2020, and structured as follows:

Tuesday January 28 we demonstrate "Navigating Windows 10". We will discuss how use Windows 10 and demonstrate how it is really quite similar to previous Windows versions, just with a first-glance scary appearance, and explain how to make Windows 10 work the way you want. This is probably the most important for understanding the different in appearance, and realizing it is not really that unfamiliar…if you make some easy modifications.

Thursday January 30 we will look at the new Microsoft Edge which has replaced Internet Explorer, and also some essential Apps provided by Microsoft with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is quite easy to use and personalize, placing website icons on the Taskbar as desired, saving Favorites, and organizing those Favorites. We will also demonstrate the Mail App Windows 10 has provided, explaining its advantages and deficiencies. And we will present the Windows 10 Snipping tool replacement called Snip and Sketch, demonstrate how useful it can be, and show how it can be used from the Print Screen key.

Tuesday February 4 we will explore several of the other popular and useful Apps Windows 10 provides, and how to add other Apps from the Windows Store. You will learn about and how to use the Microsoft Store. This will also be a good opportunity after working with Windows 10 and testing some of our previous suggestions to ask questions about them.

Thursday February 6 we will discuss in more detail how to use the various Settings pages and how to use Windows 10's automatic updating function, and included Security Suite called Windows Defender. This is not the old limited Windows XP Windows Defender, it is a much more robust and useful Antiviral and Antimalware tool. With Settings, Windows 10 has tried to create an environment for making changes in various Windows settings and functionality more intuitive, and a more consistent in appearance with our use of other smart devices such as cell phones and tablets. It now makes Windows Control Panel almost unnecessary; but Control Panel is still alive and well for those more accustomed to using it. If time permits, we will also demonstrate Windows 10's backup solutions.

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