Our computer group, originally named "ComputerBytes" originated as fellowship group organized by Christus Victor Lutheran Church's first intern, as part of his "intern project".  The group has continued since 1997, and meets as an informal discussion group, utilizing a laptop and an LCD projector for instruction and demonstration. Our group was established as a mission to help fulfill the needs of community PC computer users.

The group welcomes all levels of user, from the moderately experienced computer user to novice.

Each winter, beginning in January and continuing through April, we begin on "every other Thursday" a "basics" course to orient beginners to the computer. We begin as necessary with: how to set up the computer; a quick overview of how and what a computer can be used for; then mastering Windows essentials from typing a letter, creating a spread sheet, using e-mail, using and searching the Internet, to keeping Windows healthy and up to date.

During all the other meetings, we begin with a chance to discuss difficulties encountered during the week and offer possible solutions, or informative discoveries.  Each meeting attempts to present a more formal topic or instruction, concentrating on various current computer topics or discussing the use of a specific software program; for example properly using antivirus software, or using Microsoft Word.

We meet at Christus Victor Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, located on US Route 41 (15600 Tamiami Tr. N), Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm. During the months of June through August, meetings may be erratic, due to vacations.  During those months, you can check our schedule by either calling Christus Victor (239) 597-1043 or e-mail your inquiry.